MGB Sandglow NewsDriving is more alive in the open air as all your senses are heightened. While you cruise along the road you feel the warmth of sun and soft breeze on your skin. A slow drive down a village street might bring yummy smells from a local bakery. Big sky and starry nights offer the perfumed air of night blooming jasmine. It feels like magic. Think of the 1955 classic “To Catch a Thief” with Cary Grant and Grace Kelly.

I had this pleasure for almost 28-years. Some of you may remember seeing me in a sandglow coloured 1976 MGB. In ’87 Cody and I became its second owner while living in Honolulu and together we moved first to Maui, then Santa Fe, New Mexico, and finally to Mallorca. It became part of the family and was such a joy to drive! So many people would stop me on the street and say things like “I used to have an MG but then it became too small for the family, too impractical, but oh, how I miss those days driving it!”

Now you can easily experience this pleasure for a day, a weekend, a birthday or anniversary celebration, or for a Sunday drive and lunch somewhere special.

Early this year before my move to Palma I passed on the ownership to Yves and Leanne of Rent a Classic Mallorca who have lovingly restored her inside and out, even changing the colour from butterscotch to red. Which poses the question… are redheads more fun?

Details are on the Rent a Classic Mallorca website ( and if you get in touch please say Hi from me! For a different kind of holiday you can go Glamour Camping along the beach, up at Lluc or some other special place in their deluxe 1968 VW Camper Van… super cool. New pleasures to experience on our beautiful island.

Healing Treatments to Nurture Body, Mind and Spirit by Robin

Robin MassageMassage – a flowing style of deep and relaxing massage developed over many years that incorporates elements from various methods including traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi.

SKYourself – a simple and elegant energetic-spiritual healing method that clears emotional blockages from the present and past lives without exposing the soul-spirit-body system to the stress of re-experiencing traumatising remembrances.

Reiki – a Japanese technique that gently balances life energies for stress reduction and relaxation, triggering the bodies natural healing abilities to improve and maintain health.

Fees | Massage or Reiki: 1-hour €50 or 90-minute €70. SKYourself: €80

Email | Robin Johnson to book a session in Santa Catalina, Palma. Or visit me at the Wellness Spa at Hotel Es Moli in Deia.

With love and optimism,