After a long search, we are proud to present our new 1978 VW Camper.  We found our mechanically sound Rust Free Bus on the mainland. It/he has been garaged and very well maintained by two friends.  They planned to rent him out to adventurous travellers but their busy lives kept him within their warehouse.  We are absolutely thrilled with the new van and our children love that they can sleep together in their own den ( not much sleeping goes on).
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VW Camper Van Interiors






The long search was essential to ensure that we have a reliable safe Van with an interior arrangement to accommodate families and couples.  There is no room for break downs and problematic buses!

This VW is a smooth ride and incredibly well insulated.  Like Vin Rouge he has been fitted with front disc brakes (very important for your safety in these old vans) and he has a pop top that sleeps 2 children up above the double bed.  He will be fitted with a new interior designed, built and fitted by us.  Vin Rouge our 1968 vans´ interior works very well, so we using her design as a template for the new build.

Westfalia VW Camper Van Interior

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We have enjoyed driving and camping in the new van over the last 6 weeks, putting it through its paces and checking the mechanics and electrics.  It is a superb addition to our family business and offers you the chance to holiday with your friends, sleep with your 2 older children together inside the van and go green and turquoise if red and cream isn´t your colour!

The project commences and after a full days work, we have achieved a good amount of preparation:

T2 1978 VW Interior re-design Project 2015Westfalia T2 Interior For sale

The old Interior has been removed, the original rock n roll bed will return.  The rest will be replaced by our own design.  He will feature a modern dual hob and sink unit, a fridge, plenty of storage space and buddy seat.  The orange plastic pop tent has gone and will be replaced by a breathable canvas one.  The seats and panels will be recovered in cream to brighten up the interior.  Curtains and fabric will be tailor made in turquoise and white.

Natu 17

T2 VW Camper Van Hire Project







The front fibreglass cabin roof has been removed and replaced by a classic wood and stainless steel luggage rack.  This gives you more space to store your bags and shows off the original rounded shape that makes the VW Camper Van so appealing.

A great days work and a very exciting  project.  Our new van will be added onto the website along with 2 other new vehicles in the new year.  We are taking Bookings for the Van NOW so if you want a 4 berth for your next VW Camper Van Adventure, call or email us now.

We will keep you updated…..For more photos like and follow us on our Facebook page:

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