So…..just back tonight from a long weekend of driving in Mallorca.  The roads in the mountains are simply amazing, in the right car……..I rented a car from Rent a Classic Mallorca, a small business run by Yves, who is simply passionate about his cars, the upkeep and the driving. As said above I’m not affiliated, but is worth a look if you are heading to Mallorca this year.
I rented the Lotus Rush and Yves is quite/reasonably careful who he rents what to. A test drive with Yves is required to make him a little more comfortable before he hands over the keys and leaves it with you.
Trust me … the Rush is attention seeking … every stop equals questions from various nationalities, so get used to the attention asap.
The driving in Mallorca is phenomenal but most of the roads are quite thin so a Caterham/Dax is perfect.

Make sure you go to out to Cap Formentor (possibly the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen) and Sa Calobra.

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