Car Description

Great fun to drive with your family and friends, this stylish BMW transforms from a coupe into a convertible making it the perfect choice for sun seeking driving enthusiasts visiting Mallorca. Enjoy a smooth ride within a comfortable tan leather interior.

Self Drive Age: 30 years   Within a Tour: 25 years

We bought this classic BMW from a yacht captain based here in the summer of 2015.   It was previously owned by the Joan Miro family and has been very well maintained.  It has proven to be very popular within the fleet and is often used as the family car following the 2 seater sports cars around on group tours.

The sound of the Six Cylinder engine still turns heads and delivers a strong performance. The superior standard BMW handling, is there after 24 years providing quality and an assured feeling that it was built to last.

It is a real pleasure to drive and a firm favourite with the children. The back seats are relatively spacious and there is a good amount of boot space for your luggage. There is a stereo with blue tooth and a USB port so you can listen to either the radio or your own music.  The roof operation is manual.

Call and reserve this car:  ( +34 )  697 971 122 

Suitcases, there is a good sized boot in the BMW.  Either of the following options work and leave space for soft handbags.

Luggage: 4 x Cabin Bags  55cm x 40cm x 20cm

Luggage: 1 Large suitcase 76cm x 47cm x 30cm and 1  Cabin Bag.