Car Description

The Tin Snail offers unique fun motoring.  There is nothing quite like it and once you get the hang of the quirky gear change, the loping ride and the sound of the engine, you’ll be laughing all the way to the beach.  Great sun in your hair motoring.

Self Drive Age: 30 years   Within a Tour: 25 years

Sit back, relax and tour in style in this chic french classic, expect hours of comfortable, memorable open top cruising. Mari the 2CV has been beautifully restored and always brings a smile to the faces of people she passes.  Her paint work glistens and her 2 horse powered engine ticks along,  your´ll have to remember to take her our of third gear.  She is one of our favourites to drive.

The Deux Chevaux has 4 doors and 4 seat belts; there is room in the back for 2 children’s car seats making it attractive to families.
It is a popular vehicle on set for film and photoshoots and also makes a great wedding car.

This retro, clever, characterful 2CV is a great addition to our fleet and is a great Classic Car to Hire.

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