Car Description

For those of you seeking an exhilarating driving experience the Lotus Seven will surely deliver and leave you with a fixed grin no words can fully convey.  This lightweight sports car boasts hair-raising acceleration and great road handling.  Pure, raw, emotional fun behind the wheel.

Self Drive Age: 30 years   Within a Tour: 25 years

The low centre of gravity means the car is extremely good natured, despite its low weight and powerful engine, making it ideal for first time drivers of this type of vehicle .  The Super 7 is a car of passion, injecting emotion and appreciation of what makes it the purest essence of what a sports car is.

Mallorca has some great roads, perfectly suited to the performance of this car.  The famous Sa Calobra road has been rated as one of the best driving routes in Europe.  13 kilometres of tarmac snaking through the Tramuntaña Mountains  rocky landscape, the scenery is dramatic and the hairpin bends unforgettable.

The long narrow cockpit is quite a snug fit and the pedals are very close together.  Ensure you bring narrow light shoes so you are able to drive comfortably. Sunglasses are essential and a warm neck scarf or snood is a good idea, even in warmer weather.  Hats and caps tend to fly, make sure yours has a fastener or is a very tight fit.

Height:  No more than 190cm/6ft 2 inches tall.
Weight: No more than 90kg/14 stone.

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