Car Description

Camping holidays are for lovers of nature, adventure and independence.   Camping in Mallorca is special because there are still many places where you can leave the busy tourists behind and enjoy calm, quiet island charm.

You are free to cruise when you want, stop and have lunch where you want, sleep under the stars next to the sea if you want!
Your freedom starts here.

Sleeps: 4 Berth      Driver Age: 30 years

Welcome to Mr Fox our latest four berth VW Camper Van.  He was built in Germany in 1969 and then exported to Gran Canaria in 1975 where he worked as a point of first relief for the Red Cross.  He was also used to launch the rescue tender on the beach, you can see his tow hooks on this front and rear bumper.

Now his interior is set up for relaxing and camping, equipped with all the essentials you need to make him your home for your holiday in Mallorca.  He has a sturdy children’s bunk up in the pop top and a snug 3/4 width double underneath for adults.  There are clever spaces to store your bags and supplies.   Just remember to pack lightly and use soft luggage that can be folded away.

To take you on your journey Mr Fox has a Type 4 1700 cc air cooled engine, he likes to cruise along at a speed of 80 kilometers so ensure that you wind down, put on some mellow tunes and get ready to take life at a relaxed Mallorcan pace.

What’s included?   Mr Fox Inventory

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