We had only 5 days to explore this magnificent island. Cruising on interwined roads and enjoying splendid views, Yves´ piece of jewellery, the red-white hippie bulli camper called Vin Rouge, made us forget time and space and plunge into a completely stress-free, easy-going mode of being that is lasting till now, 2 weeks after our bulli-adventure.

We have to confess: it was love at first sight, both concerning bulli cruising and the lovely island.

Yves, thank you very much for rendering possible these extraordinary experiences that were so enjoyable that we hardly can wait to repeat and extend them.
Especially the north of the island is waiting for us – and we will come.  All the best to you, your wife, and your brave enterprise

Robin & Lisa in Vin Rouge-fever!

Robin 1   Robin 2  Robin & Lisa